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Petzl RopeTrip is much more than a competition. It is a chance to relive the heritage of Petzl. When Petzl was merely a father, son, and a small workshop, their workroom was meeting place for vertical explorers. A place where cavers could gather and discuss new techniques, ideas, and equipment. Today Petzl is much larger than a single workroom but the needs bring experts in the community together to share experience and knowledge remains. In that spirit, Petzl RopeTrip also includes a Symposium of world-class workshops, discussion panels, and presentations. This year's Symposium topics span the spectrum of rope access covering insurance, rigging volcanoes, emergency response, and many other topics. Find out more about the Symposium below.




Thursday program symposium petzl ropetrip 2018

The moment that changes everything - Dealing with emergencies


Date: Thursday June 7th 18h-19h

Place: Huttenmagasin building / Room Nordrhein Wesfalen

Presenter Name: Formacan / Dr Med Jutta Grabe (SAMU DE)


Anesthesiologist, specialist for intensive and emergency medical aid, senior emergency doctor, crew resource manager, instructor, lecturer for nursing, emergency medical service and surgeries etc., head of department in a head office emergency room, high-altitude rescuer, Fisat1

Presentation description

Emergencies happen, it’s human. We all have one common goal: we want to return back home healthy and safe. Our health and integrity are our most valuable assets. This is not about HOW I prevent the emergency, but rather the seconds and minutes after it happens. How can I help my colleague? How do I prevent worse? What are the biggest medical and organizational problems that affect me or the rescue workers? What could we do effectively on the ground with the limited opportunity to help our colleague? What can I take care of? What actions would make the situation worse?


Epidemiological study of injuries among french rope access technicians. An analysis of working conditions and injury typology


Date: Thursday June 7th 18-19h

Place: Huttenmagasin building / Room Metropole Ruhr

Presenter Name: Petzl Foundation / Isabelle Rogowski

Presenter’s professional background

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Sports Sciences in Lyon (France) and researcher in Sport Biomechanics

Presentation description

In a context where the rope access profession is evolving, training is continuously improving and ever more risk prevention measures are being implemented, it seemed important to contribute to a better understanding of rope access technicians.
The purpose of this study is to determine the epidemiology of the pathologies suffered by rope access technicians based on the results of a wide survey of the profession. Drawing from original data gathered from 478 rope workers, a snapshot of the population is presented using information about their socio-demographic characteristics, working conditions, lifestyle and injury history. The study has allowed perceptions out in the field to be objectivized and quantified, and more sophisticated knowledge of the epidemiology of injuries sustained by rope workers to be developed, thus highlighting the lines of thought that institutional and professional stakeholders should pursue in order to help protect the health of rope access technicians.


Challenge & solutions for insurance in the field of rope access


Date: Thursday June 7th 19h30-20h30

Place: Huttenmagasin building / Room Nordrhein Wesfalen

Presenters Names: Ronald Teske (Alpin Protect), Dr - Ing. Marco Einshaus (Berufsgenossenschaften (BG))

Presenter’s professional background

Ronald Teske: Owner of AlpinProtect - Insurance concepts for working at height / Insurance brokers for commercial insurance.

Dr - Ing. Marco Einshaus: Educational background in civil engineering and environmental protection engineering. Specialist in scaffolding, working at heights, PPE, fall protection, nets,and rope access, Dr. Einshaus is respected worldwide as a safety expert for steel construction, facades, and high rise buildings.

Presentation description

Challenge and solutions for insurance in the field of rope access technology
Short presentation by AlpinProtect
- range of activities (the height worker)
- Scope / Foreign Activities
- onshore / offshore


Using the past to help protect the future in rope access


Date: Thursday June 7th 19h30-20h30

Place: Huttenmagasin building / Room Metropole Ruhr

Presenter Name: Chris Robbins

Presenter’s professional background

Following qualification as a metallurgist, initially in 1969, Dr Robbins worked on explosive welding R&D prior to post-graduate research on metal fracturing to gain his PhD. His career continued, working briefly on memory metals, then to BNFL, Sellafield on nuclear reprocessing plant corrosion and materials development for future plant construction. 
He then moved to a senior post with Y-ARD in Glasgow responsible for materials technology consultancy, working with numerous clients from Special Forces (aerial delivery systems), to North Sea offshore oil industry and Scottish hospitals. 
His final role was as a UK HSE Senior Inspector on North Sea offshore oil and gas platforms for 14 years. This involved routine inspections as well as accident/incident investigations and enforcement actions. In this role he also represented HSE at IRATA meetings, combining his own caving and mountaineering interests with legal aspects of the work environment.
Following retirement in 2006, he has maintained a continuing interest in rope access by preparing the annual Work and Safety Analysis reports for IRATA over the last 11 years.

Presentation description

The presentation will commence with a brief analysis of IRATA accident data over the last five years. It will attempt to uncover common factors that contributed to accidents and injuries. Generic ‘causes’ may be inferred in many cases because reports rarely identify underlying (and potentially more serious) causes. Partly based on the limited data and partly based on 14 years of inspection and investigations offshore, the presentation will conclude with a list of the ‘top ten’ major potential hazards for consideration (and argument!). Some have happened already, some have not. Some are obvious, some are not.
The presentation will NOT get tangled in formal aspects and methodologies of hazard analysis and risk assessment techniques. Neither will it consider individual failings/omissions and medical conditions except where they point to underlying concerns as with rope errors/omissions.
The emphasis will be on practicalities and realities of rope access environments. ‘Prevention rather than cure’ will be the message along with a plea to devote as much emphasis to investigation of ‘dangerous occurrences’ as to actual injury events.


Studying volcano climatology


Date: Thursday June 7th 20h30-21h30

Place: Huttenmagasin building / Room Nordrhein Wesfalen

Presenter name:
Max Dugal, Co-Founder/Access Team Leader at GeoArc
GeoArc Masaya volcano research expedition - Access rigging

Presenter’s Professional Background:

Rope Access Technician / Supervisor (IRATA 3/SPRAT 3). Eight years in the rope access industry with 15+ years of rock climbing. GeoArc Co-Founder/Access Team Leader

Presentation Description

In early 2017, GeoArc was created with the ultimate goal of providing speciality access to scientific research groups in hard to reach places. Our first mission happened in Nicaragua, performing volcanology experiments to better understand Masaya Volcano and the impact on nearby villages. The GeoArc team rigged a very unique aerial master point to facilitate gas sampling and other experiments over this very active lava lake. A total of 2.1km of rope was required to make the system work. Facing daily challenges like the wind, the rugged terrain and the acidic gas made the operation a very slow but unique. We all came home as a successful team, looking forward to future expeditions.

Friday program symposium petzl ropetrip 2018

Anchors for wind turbines


Date: Friday June 8th 18h-19h

Place: Huttenmagasin building / Room Metropole Ruhr

Presenter name: Daniel Dicke Senvion (Rope Access Technician), Knut Foppe (Wind Turbine Technician)


Discussion panel: equivalence between technical certifications


Date: Friday June 8th, 18h-19h

Place: Huttenmagasin building / Room Nordrhein Wesfalen

Panel moderators: Chris Blakeley

Presentation description

This panel discussion will focus on Rope Access association histories, goals, strategies, safe practices, certification models, challenges and future developments. Panelist are well versed in all aspects of their association’s operations and able to address many questions from the audience. We will have delegates on the panel representing at least the eight following organizations: IRATA (Jonathan Capper), SPRAT (Troll), FISAT (Sven Drangeïd), OTDL (Polonais), SOFT (Tore Ronstad), SFETH (Thierry L’Her), DPMC (Damien Piat), ANETVA and SRAA. We expect over 150 rope access technicians, managers and administrators to be in attendance at this lively and educational panel discussion.


Ask us anything


Date: Friday June 8th, 19h30-20h30

Place: Gieshalle building / Base camp

Presenter’s Name: Chris Blakeley, Benjamin Lengronne, Olivier Galai, Christoph Driever. (Petzl Team)

Petzl ropetrip 2016



Working long lengths of rope close to obstacles on (elasticity concerns)

Animated by Dennis Oezkol (Petzl)


Rescue workshops combined with the conference: the moment that changes everything - Dealing with emergencies

Presented by Formacan


Hauling system / how to make the best hauling system with minimal elements product - coeur pulse

Presented by Olivier Galai (Petzl)


How to use Petzl products: ASAP LOCK / ID / RIG

Presented by the Petzl Team